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Tax-Free Retirement

Tax-Free Retirement

How would you like to receive tax-free income during retirement?

While there are several ways to accumulate savings for retirement that can be tax-free income, like municipal bonds or Roth IRAs, there are certain risks and limitations you face when investing in these products. Municipal bond may either have a high risk or low returns, and Roth IRAs have contribution limits.

But you can begin saving for your tax-free income through index universal life insurance. This permanent policy has a "living" benefit, which comes in the form of a cash value, as well as a death benefit that will be paid upon your passing. The cash value of your index universal life insurance policy earns interest based on either a fixed interest rate, an interest rate that is based on the increase in an equity or bond index or a combination of both. You're also able to earn interest from the movement of an external index, like the S&P 500, allowing you to likely earn a higher interest over time than with a fixed interest rate.

There is also NO market risk! An index universal life insurance policy allows you to take advantage of a portion of the gains in the market when an index rises without having to take any of the risk when an index decreases.

Index universal life insurance permits access to the money in your cash value through policy loans, tax-free! The money you borrow from your policy doesn’t have to be repaid as long as your policy remains active. If you don't repay the policy loan, then at death the unpaid loan balance will be deducted from the death benefit and the remaining death benefit will be paid to the beneficiary.

To find out how you can start saving for a tax-free retirement, just fill out the form on your right for a FREE quote. An index universal life insurance agent will work with you to develop the right plan that meets your budget and coverage needs.

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