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Spouse Life Insurance

Spouse Life Insurance

Every day, the unthinkable happens to hundreds of families across the U.S. – a spouse passes away unexpectedly. The tragic event not only affects you emotionally, but financially as well.

Today, many people rely on two incomes to pay the bills, but if one income suddenly stops, it could cause huge financial problems. This could lead to you to losing your home and draining your savings. Having spouse life insurance means never having to worry about those "what if" moments.

Spouse life insurance also allows you to grieve after your unexpected loss, without the worry of the lost income and the funeral expenses.

If you or your spouse don’t have an income, but provide child care, housekeeping duties, or provides other services, life insurance is necessary to continue providing those services. In fact, studies show that if being a stay-at-home parent were a salaried position, they would earn approximately $75,000 a year for their services.

Your spouse depends on you both emotionally and financially. That is why it’s important to ensure that your spouse is taken care of during the difficult time following your passing. Show your devotion and provide the support your spouse will need by obtaining this coverage.

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