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Life Insurance with Non-Smoker Rates

Life Insurance for Alternative Tabacco Users

Life insurance for some tobacco users can be obtained at non-smoker rates through Family Protection Center. At Family Protection Center, we offer non-smoker life insurance rates for people who use these kinds of tobacco products: cigars, pipes, chew, snuff, nicotine patches and nicotine gum. We offer affordable life insurance rates for these tobacco users – we call them non-smokers – and we are also proud to offer affordable life insurance options for cigarette smokers.

Some tobacco users are able to qualify for the same rates as true non-smokers with Family Protection Center’s life insurance with non-smoker rates. By offering this kind of life insurance and allowing certain kinds of tobacco users to qualify, Family Protection Center helps make life insurance more affordable for tobacco users.

Term life insurance should be available and affordable to all people, whether or not they are tobacco users. Life insurance with non-smoker rates presents a more affordable life insurance option, making great life insurance coverage a possibility for tobacco users.

Having life insurance is a very important part of protecting your family after you pass away. By planning ahead, you will save your family from financial hardship after you pass, granting them the financial resources they will need to maintain their current lifestyle and cover any outstanding debts. Take time to prepare your family’s financial future while you are still able.

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