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Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

Single premium whole life insurance is an insurance coverage option that allows the insured to have a lifetime of coverage with just one premium payment. Rather than paying continual premiums over a period of time, you can pay one single premium to cover you for your lifetime. You will have peace of mind, knowing your family will have more money than you could have left for them otherwise.

This one-time premium payment can cover an individual for his whole lifetime with more than double the amount of his single premium payment. For example, a 62-year-old male who is a non-smoker can have $100,000 in coverage, only paying a one-time premium of $54,341. That’s almost double the amount of the single premium in coverage that will go to his beneficiaries, tax-free after his passing! Another example: a 72-year-old female non-smoker could get $50,000 in coverage for one premium payment of $32,969. Look at it this way: you could leave for family with $32,969 in the bank to cover final expenses, and then receive what is left over, or you could get single premium whole life coverage and leave them with about twice that amount. Coverage for your whole life with one premium payment.

While paying thousands of dollars at one time seems like a lot, you are able to get coverage that is worth double the amount you put into it, and it is also hassle-free. This one-time payment frees you from the constant worry of paying premiums on time. You can pay this one-time premium and be done with it for your whole lifetime! It would be a shame not to double your money, wouldn’t it?

By purchasing this coverage, you are able to multiply your available funds by turning them into insurance coverage that will cover your family’s expenses after you are gone, as well as your final expenses and other debts. Fill out the form or call today to speak to a qualified representative and get your free quote. Put your family first today and protect their financial future with one single premium. Our qualified representatives are happy to help you and guide you to the best plan that meets your coverage and budget needs.

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