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Pension Plan vs IUL

Pension Plan vs IUL

Is a pension the best retirement option?

Although pensions can be a good option for an income during retirement, they aren’t the safest option. Companies often offer their employees pensions after they’ve provided a specific number of years of service with them. The problem with pensions is that you have to rely on that company for your money. Companies close their doors every day because of natural disasters, law suits, bankruptcy, a new competitor, and other unexpected losses in profits. If the company you have a pension with goes out of business for any reason, the retirement money you were counting disappears as well.

Instead of risking your retirement money in a pension, you could be saving your money for a tax-free retirement income with index universal life insurance. With index universal life, you can be in control of your own retirement plan instead of trusting your financial future to a company you don’t work for anymore. With this coverage, there is no market risk; so you’ll gain money when rates are up, but you won’t lose if the market decreases. You also won’t have to wait to access your money; you can withdraw from the policy at any time without waiting until you reach the age of retirement.

If you’re interested in a tax-free retirement income with index universal life insurance, fill out the form to the right or give us a call. We’ll help you find the retirement plan that’s right for you.

What if I already have a pension?

In most cases, you can move your pension money into an index universal life policy and take advantage of all of the benefits listed above. You’ll no longer have to worry about losing money if your former place of employment shuts down. You’ll also be able to leave your retirement money to your family when you pass away, unlike some pension plans. With index universal life insurance, your retirement savings will be safe and available to you whenever you need it.

If you’re interested in moving your pension money into a tax-free retirement plan with index universal life insurance, contact us by filling out the form to your right or giving us a call. One of our representatives will help you find a retirement plan that meets all of your needs.

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