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Here at Family Protection Center, we realize that many people are confused about what life insurance is, who needs it, and what the benefits are. There are also many different types of insurance that most Americans are not aware of. We created this blog to help inform you about life insurance and how important it is for your family and friends. Browse through our posts to learn all you need to know about life insurance options!

Cremation vs. Burial Costs

When making the important decision of whether you’d like to be cremated or buried when you pass away, price may play a role in your decision. Many people believe that cremation is drastically cheaper than burial, but that isn’t always true; the cost depends on the location of the funeral or memorial and what the deceased’s wishes were. Many people often underestimate the costs of final expenses as well.

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Daughter Leaves Parents with $200,000 in Student Loans

CNN Money recently reported about the family of a young woman who passed away suddenly. The women had $100,000 worth of student loan debt when she passed away, which her parents inherited. Because they couldn't afford to make the payments, the debt continued to pile up until it reached $200,000.

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Does Your New Year's Resolution Include Protecting Your Family?

Happy New Year from Family Protection Center

Many people think of New Year’s resolutions as goals for self-improvement. But this year, make one of your resolutions to get protection for your family. Most New Year’s resolutions take all year to accomplish, like losing 20 pounds, or committing to a healthier life style, but taking the first step in protecting your family with life insurance one takes a few minutes.

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Helping You Plan for the Holidays

There’s a lot to plan for in the month of December. Whether you celebrate Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas and/or New Year’s Day, you’ve probably started planning your travels, feasts, and gifts to celebrate with your family. Some may have already finished their shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Many American families spend the majority of the month planning for these big holiday celebrations, but most never think about what the holidays will be like in the future.

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How Much Coverage Do You Need?

Many people know that they need life insurance so that they don’t leave their family with expensive bills to pay, but most people have no idea how much coverage they need.

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