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Divorce: Term Life Insurance

Divorce: Term Life Insurance

Accidents happen every moment, all the time, leaving a multitude of people, worldwide, devastated on an emotional, physical and financial level. Although some deaths are expected and predictable, death is never an easy reality to deal with.

Although you may be dealing with stresses from your recent or current divorce process, your family is still depending on you in multiple ways. Your family depends on you for food, clothing and shelter, and many children depend on a parent for expenses like college tuition. Without you physically there to provide income and financial support, these necessities and luxuries might become unavailable to your children.

Term life insurance protects your family’s financial future by equipping them with the monetary resources necessary to continue living after you are gone. By investing in this coverage now, you are able to save your family from extreme financial hardship during an already emotionally difficult time.

There are other benefits to having divorce term life insurance:

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Note: Not all benefits are available in every state. Please ask your term life insurance specialist for more details.

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