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Life Insurance for Smokers

Life Insurance for Smokers

Cigarette smokers typically have a very difficult time finding insurance carriers that have term life plans available for smokers. Although millions of Americans smoke cigarettes, cigarettes cause known health risks, and therefore finding coverage can be difficult and expensive for smokers.

Because of the health risks involved with smoking cigarettes, most insurance companies that offer life insurance for smokers charge expensive rates that are often unaffordable for the average American. This reality leaves many smokers with two options: overpaying for coverage or not having coverage at all.

While life insurance for cigarette smokers will always be more expensive than for non-smokers, it is possible for smokers to obtain quality, affordable insurance coverage.

At Family Protection Center, we make it our goal to make life insurance affordable for you. We value you and your family, and want you to have the coverage you need to protect your family’s future. Don’t overpay for mediocre coverage, and certainly don’t go without coverage altogether – get your free quote from Family Protection Center and learn more about our affordable life insurance for cigarette smokers.

To learn more about Family Protection Center and the life insurance options we offer, fill out the form or call today to talk to a specialist and get your free quote! Affordable coverage is available for you and we look forward to helping you.

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