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Child Life Insurance

Child Life Insurance

Have you ever thought of getting life insurance for your children? If one of your children suddenly passed away, would your family be able to afford funeral and burial costs?

Does your family have a history of diabetes or other critical illnesses or diseases? If so, and if your child develops an illness or disease, it may be difficult for your child to get life insurance coverage later in life.

If you want to ensure that your child will always have life insurance coverage, consider children’s life insurance. With children’s life insurance, you can guarantee coverage for your children while they are young and the cost is very low. This is a whole life product, meaning that your child’s coverage will last for your child’s entire life.

Because insurability is guaranteed, your children will have the option to purchase additional insurance as they get older, even if their health has changed.

This coverage protects your family from the unexpected funeral and burial expenses in the event of your child’s death, and also will protect your child’s future family’s finances.

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