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My Spouse Doesn’t Have a Job, Why Would He or She Need Life Insurance?

Many people don’t understand why a person who doesn’t work outside the home would need life insurance. Although they may not need life insurance to replace their income if they passed away, they will need to replace all of the services they provide.

In many households, one spouse works outside the home while the other stays home or works part-time. The spouse who doesn’t work full-time in a professional setting is often working full-time to keep the household running smoothly. He or she likely provides child care, does the cleaning and laundry, grocery shops, shops for clothing and other household needs, cooks or provides meals, keeps the finances in order, and makes family and other social arrangements, among other things. If this person passed away, the other spouse would probably have to pay someone else, or even several people to do all of those things. Life insurance could pay for those services if he or she was insured.

It’s important to have life insurance to replace the income of the family’s main breadwinner, but it’s important to consider coverage for both spouses. Not only would you have to cover everyday bills and services, you would also have to cover funeral and burial expenses if you lost a loved one, which costs $10,000 or more on average.

It’s difficult for families to think about what would happen if they lost a loved one, but planning ahead could make it a little easier financially if it should happen. If you’re interested in getting life insurance for you or your spouse, check out our term-life insurance page. Check out our other blog posts for more information about Family Protection Center’s life insurance options.

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