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The Benefits of Insurance

Life Insurance: An Extra Expense or the Best Thing You’ve Ever Purchased?

The main reason that people put off getting life insurance coverage is that they don’t believe that they can afford it. Most people grossly overestimate the cost of life insurance. People also don’t seriously consider what their family would do if their spouse suddenly passed away or if something happened to them.

Making monthly or annual payments may seem expensive, but funerals, burials, and final expenses cost a lot more. The average funeral costs more than $10,000 not including the burial plot and headstone or columbarium niche. Most Americans also have student loan debt, credit card debt, medical bills, car payments, and mortgage payments to leave behind. Don’t forget that your family would also have to replace your income and everyday services like transportation, child care, cooking, cleaning, home maintenance, and more.

If you or your spouse passed away tomorrow, would your family be able to pay for the funeral and burial costs, final expenses, and your everyday needs? While it may seem like life insurance is an extra expense to you now, it could mean saving your family from bankruptcy tomorrow. Life insurance is a purchase that needs to be taken seriously. It’s not just an extra payment for you to make; it’s something that could determine the financial fate of your family’s future.

Here at Family Protection Center, we want to make sure that your family has everything they need, no matter what challenges life throws their way. We offer many different life insurance plans, but term life insurance is our most popular. Browse our website to learn more about our different types of coverage and how each one can help your family. You can also fill out the form to the right or give us a call. One of our licensed agents will help you find a plan that suits your budget and your coverage needs.

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